I am a postgraduate medical student who studies in Perth at the University of Western Australia. I have an undergraduate degree in Physics which I enjoyed doing very much due to my love for Mathematics and it’s ability to describe reality. More recently I have become interested in Artificial Intelligence and Software Developement and their applications in novel Medical Technology. For the last two years I have worked at VascLab, a vascular engineering research group at the Harry Perkin’s Institute of Medical Technology where I implemented a ML backend for the group to segment coronary arteriers in a accurate and timely manner (more on this coming as a post soon). Learning and practicing Medicine is a priviledge and I can see plenty more uses for technology to improve how we practice medicine and how we can improve patients’ experiences with healthcare.

Moving away from the more professional aspects of my focus, I have varied interests like any other young person! I love playing and following sport, travelling, music, film, literature, video games and learning new things. Here is a picture of me at Matilda Bay, a beautiful cove in my city and a personal favourite spot to drink coffee.